“Salpicão” Brazilian Chicken Salad

“Salpicão” Brazilian Chicken Salad

It’s countdown to summer in Australia! My favourite season is officially starting on the 1st of December. The produce is so amazing this year, I think the highlights are the mini tomatoes and the Tasmanian strawberries, they are sweeter and more flavourful than ever.

The warmer weather asks for lots of fruit-based  iced desserts and juices, plus  fresh salads like this one. This recipe is  very special firstly because it’s my mom’s and second because it is our family’s official New Year’s Eve dinner salad. That means when I was a child I had to wait a whole year to eat it, and this anticipation  feeling made it so much more delicious. The salad is perfect for a family get together for being a festival of colours, textures and flavours. It’s crunchy, juicy, chewy and the balance of sweet, salty, sour and smoky flavours is perfect.

In Brazil, every family has its own salpicão recipe.  The one that my mom makes has lots of vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts and smoked chicken. I also know some people that use smoked ham or rotisserie chicken instead. Other families don’t  add capsicums (peppers) or pineapple and so forth. Well,  I like the one with the lot! Take a look at the rainbow of ingredients of this salad and see how mouthwatering they are:

Ingredientes Salpicao 4 (1 of 1)


To assemble the salad, I like the idea to have layers of colour in a big salad bowl (like the main image above), so you just mix it to serve, or you may want use little jars to bring it for a picnic like the image below. Just one little note, for the smaller jars it is easier to assemble if you chop everything finely. Which one do you prefer?

Salpicao Brazilian Chicken Salad 1 (1 of 1)

Brazilian Smoked Chicken Salad

Salpicao Chicken Salad P2 (1 of 1)

Summer also asks for a song by the great band “Novos Baianos” and their classic hit that talks about samba and summer and has the most pleasing melody called “Brasil Pandeiro”. Have a listen, this one will make you want to dance in the middle of the street like no one is watching!

Brasil Pandeiro – Novos Baianos

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250g cold-smoked chicken, shredded

1/2 green or red capsicum (bell pepper), julienned

1/2 small fresh pineapple (about 500g), core removed, roughly chopped

1 apple, julienned

1 medium carrot, julienned

100g pecans or walnuts, roughly chopped

50g sultanas

1 spring onion (scallion), finely sliced

5 iceberg lettuce leaves, roughly sliced

2 tbs good-quality bought mayonnaise (or home-made)

Juice of 1 lime

Ground black pepper to taste


1. In a little bowl whisk the mayonnaise, lime juice and pepper.

2. Combine all the ingredients and stir in the dressing just before serving. Alternatively you can layer the salad in a salad bowl or little jars.

Serves: 6-8


Receita em Português

Salpicão de Frango Defumado


250g frango defumado, desfiado

1/2 pimentão verde ou vermelho, corte juliana

1/2 abacaxi ( cerca de 500g ), picado

1 maçã, corte juliana

1 cenoura média, corte juliana

100g pecans ou nozes picadas

50g passas

1 cebolinha, picadinha

5 folhas de alface americana, picada

2 colheres de sopa de maionese ( caseira ou comprada)

Suco de 1 limão

Pimenta a gosto

 Modo de Preparo 

1. Em uma tigela pequena misture a maionese , suco de limão e pimenta.

2. Em uma saladeira misture todos os ingredientes. Misture o molho antes de servir. Alternativamente, você pode montar a salada em camadas em uma saladeira ou pequenos frascos.

Serve: 6 -8

  • Ev

    Oh my word Georgina this salad looks so healthy and delicious. I cant wait to try it.

    • GeorginaRibas

      I know you love your healthy foods Ev, you certainly will enjoy this one! Thanks for the visit.

  • http://www.tastedefined.com/ Shoshanna Lee

    So colorful and nutritious salad Georgina. A must try for me though I’ll replace sultanas with local raisin variety. Thanks for sharing this recipe 🙂

    • GeorginaRibas

      Thanks Shoshanna, let me know once you have a chance to try. Raisins work well too. Can you find smoked chicken where you are?

      • http://www.tastedefined.com/ Shoshanna Lee

        Definitely! Yes, it’s available in local super store 🙂

        • GeorginaRibas

          Oh yes, of course, I bet one can find anything in a town like New Delhi!

  • http://www.mygingergarlickitchen.com/ anupama (MGGK)

    What a beautiful and vibrant looking salad, Georgina. I love all the awesome ingredients you have used here. This is such an awesome combination of good health and deliciousness.

    • GeorginaRibas

      Thanks so much Anu!