Salamanca Market in Hobart

Salamanca Market in Hobart

I am a Brazilian who writes about Brazilian food and I live in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) a city I am passionate about. I would like to start my “Chronicles” journey with Hobart’s Salamanca Market article I posted in the fabulous Shades of Cinnamon blog, which is also first contribution I made outside my own blog. Ev Thomas is a recipe developer, a writer, a food stylist and the photographer behind and in front of the fabulous Shades of Cinnamon blog. If you like food, photography, travel and world markets, go to to check Ev’s amazing work.

Ev Thomas and her work


Bird’s Eye View of beautiful Hobart, from Mount Wellington:

Views of Hobart from Mount Wellington

Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia and is considered one of the most liveable places in the world. It’s is a city like no other with wonderful and diverse landscape that includes the blue waters of the Derwent river and the majestic Mount Wellington that rises to a height of 1271m.

It’s Saturday morning in Hobart and winter is just around the corner. Even though the cold winds are starting to make their move it is still a beautiful sunny day. I pick a couple of bags and head to the Salamanca market to buy some fresh sourdough bread, fruits and vegetables which is also a good excuse for a walk. The mixture of food, lavender, leather and food smells in the air is quite reinvigorating. Every time I go there it feels like it is the first.

Overview of Salamanca Place:

The market seems to have a live of its own and is constantly changing so there is always a surprise for regular visitors like myself. The musicians are of the highest calibre and the variety of artists is quite impressive. At the Salamanca market I’ve already seen folk, jazz and rock bands, flamenco guitarist, solo recorder player, violin, classical singers, to name a few. A lot of the stalls sell Tasmanian-made products and local produce and the market provides a good mix of items that includes clothes, antiques, Tasmanian wine and whiskey, lavender products, honey, home-made jams and preserves, fruit and vegetables (including organic), ceramics, art & craft, souvenirs, chocolates, wood and leather products. There are food vans that sell fast foods and plenty of food stalls selling sandwiches, pies, Asian food and desserts.

One of Salamanca’s highlights: crisp and colourful vegetables


Fruit and Veg Stall


The sophisticated art and craft shops located in the Sandstone warehouses and the restaurants and cafes of the Salamanca square  area almost become part of the market itself, which is another bonus for the visitors. There is so much to see and enjoy, so pick a day when you have plenty of time to make the most of your experience, I’d say at least 3 hours, which includes time to stop and have lunch or a brunch. If you are driving, make sure you arrive before 10AM otherwise it is very difficult to find parking due to the popularity of the place.

The market in Autumn

With spectacular views of Mount Wellington and set between the historical Georgian Sandstone warehouses and Hobart’s waterfront, Salamanca market is considered one of the best variety markets in Australia. 43 years ago it is almost impossible to believe that this iconic market started with only 12 stalls. Now the market has 300 stalls so the past, as they say, is history. The market is a major touristic attraction of Tasmania and every Saturday it is visited by more than 25,000 including locals and tourists.

Hobart waterfront, the image says it all:

Hobart Waterfront
The Salamanca market takes place at the Salamanca Place (just a short walk from the city centre) and happens every Saturday from 8:30AM to 3:00PM.

A free Shuttle Bus is available for tourists with main stop in Argyle street, next to the Argyle car park.

Want to know more about Hobart and Tasmania? Check out the “Discover Tasmania” website.

  • Shoshanna Lee

    Before reading this excellent post, I knew Tasmania only for ‘Tasmanian Devil’ seen on Discovery and National Geographic. Now I know it’s not just about wild life. So beautiful place 🙂 And here, we’re living in a polluted and congested metropolis 🙁 You’re so lucky! Feeling jealous :p

    • GeorginaRibas

      Indeed Shoshanna, there is much more here than the Tassie Devil, for sure. Tasmania is a wonderful place, lots of untouched areas and preserved nature, not to mention the food produce. I bet Mumbai has its own peculiarities and interesting things to see and do as a result of the strong Indian culture and size. When you have a chance please share some pictures of your city too. 😉

      • Shoshanna Lee

        Definitely! BTW, I’m residing in New Delhi, the capital city.

        • GeorginaRibas

          Ooops, sorry, I don’t know why I had Mumbai in my head!

          • Shoshanna Lee

            To be honest, I had Melbourne in my head before I read this post 🙂