Coconut is the symbol of tropical Brazil. If you ever have a chance to visit Brazil’s north-eastern beaches you will see row after row of coconut trees embellishing the landscape. Coconut is native from Asia, but like bananas, adapted well to Brazil’s conditions and has been part of Brazilian landscape for many centuries. The taste of Brazilian coconut is quite special, actually the best I’ve ever tried. Brazilians are addicted to everything related to coconuts. The fresh water of the green coconut is sold in most beaches. Many people even eat its gelatinous and mild-flavoured flesh after they drink the water! Freshly shredded, desiccated coconut and coconut milk are used to prepare hundreds of types of savoury and sweet dishes. In Brazil, when it comes to coconut, even the coconut shell is used to make hand-crafted items, so nothing goes to waste! For a Brazilian coconut experience try our classic Fish Moqueca (recipe here).

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